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Thunder Bay, Canada, North America
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Willing to train
High School
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Part time
$19.39 Hourly for 20 hours per week, As per collective agreement

Personal care aide - home care (Personal Assistant)

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General Responsibilities Under the direct supervision of the Program Co-ordinator, the Personal Assistant is responsible for providing assistance with activities of daily living according to consumer direction. Services are to be provided in a manner that is respectful of individual choices and personal preferences of each consumer. The Personal Assistant performs a wide variety of in home support services which require good knowledge of the Community Services for Independence’s policies and practices.  In collaboration with management, the Personal Assistant may volunteer to be an active member of various committees. When assuming these responsibilities, the Personal Assistant will follow the established guidelines of the Terms of Reference for whichever committee they have joined.  All functions of this position will be done in conjunction to the organizational mandate:  “to improve the quality of life for persons with a disability.”  Our organization is committed to attaining consumers’ ideals by developing and fostering: 

  • Strong values and practises
  • Enrichment opportunities and innovative options in response to consumer’s goals
  • Harmonious working relationships with respect for consumer’s individuality.


Communication On a daily and operational basis the Personal Assistant may have contact and working relations with a variety of people. Internally this could include the consumers and their family members, co-workers, Program Co-ordinators, Human Resources Co-ordinator, Director of Community Services and other administrative employees. Externally this could include representatives from a wide range of community and health services.   The Personal Assistant is responsible, but not limited to the following: Demonstrate an approachable and courteous persona at all times. Respond to consumers in a caring and understanding manner. Attend and participate at requested meetings and training sessions. Model professionalism in accordance to our “Code of conduct” and “Personal Presentation” policies. Maintain confidentiality in accordance to our policy. Demonstrate commitment to the organization in accordance to our Attendance Management policy. Keep informed and abide to present and changing policies and procedures within the organization. Keep informed of consumer service plans, staff meeting minutes, H&S meeting minutes, and all other posted or distributed correspondence. Provide open and effective communication at all times. Complete and communicate accurate shift reports. Document all consumer assistance in the charting program Encourage and understand independence according to consumer individuality and ideals. Personal Assistant’s Duties and Responsibilities The Personal Assistant will assist in ensuring that consumer needs are being met and services are being provided in accordance to the program guidelines. The Personal Assistant is responsible, but not limited to the following: Maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of the position’s duties and responsibilities. Assist consumers with activities of daily living in a dignified and respectful manner. Deliver services with care, compassion and concern for consumers’ quality of life and welfare. Develop and maintain respectful relationships with consumers and co-workers. Assist with consumer scheduling of services and assist with ensuring scheduling information is communicated to co-workers. Assist with the training of new employees when required. Record vital medical information and other related information that may affect the delivery of personal assistant services and communicate same to co-ordinator and co-workers. Provide services in compliance with “Consumer Rights and Responsibilities”. Report any unethical conduct or inappropriate interaction directed towards consumers/employees. Report all significant incidents. Fulfill other duties as required. Although not limited to, the following are some of the personal care duties which may be performed on a daily basis:  Personal Care Duties Assist with personal hygiene and grooming When required, must be trained and/or certified to perform necessary health care services such as wound care, catheter procedures, feeding devices etc… Assist with elimination. Administer medication according to consumer direction and/or medication policy. Assist consumers with required range of motion. Assist with dressing, which may include clothing, as well as technical devices such as braces, splints etc… Provide cooking and meal preparation according to direction. Feeding assistance may also be required. Assist consumers with the physical abilities required when shopping for personal items, groceries, banking and other business when authorized by management. Provide assistance with laundry, including sorting, folding, ironing and putting away. Assist with transfers. May be required to manoeuvre wheelchair if disability is such that this action is totally impaired. Wheelchair maintenance and cleaning may also be required. Provide light housekeeping including vacuuming, changing linens, cleaning bathroom, sweeping, mopping, dusting etc… Provide heavy housekeeping including washing walls and windows etc… Assist consumer with pet care as per the established “Pet Care” Policy. General housekeeping of all work areas. Health and Safety Responsibilities Each employee has a responsibility to ensure that a safe and healthy working environment is maintained. Employees must; Work in compliance with the provisions of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and report to the employer anyone working in contravention of the Act. Follow the consumers’ transfer/movement procedures as communicated in their individual Service Plans. Ensure proper techniques are practiced while doing such. Report in writing all hazards, injuries and/or accidents to their co-ordinator immediately. If the co-ordinator is not available, report to the On-call co-ordinator. Comply with all Health & Safety Procedures and Policies. Assist and monitor in the event of fire or other emergency situation. Use only materials and/or machines/equipment that they are authorized and trained to use. Know and understand the content required on supplier labels and workplace labels Wear personal protective equipment as required. Co-operate with the Joint Health & Safety Committee. Ensure that co-workers work safely. Support modified work programs and provide assistance to co-workers as required. Ensure that their First Aid and CPR training is kept current as per the program’s policy.

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