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Community Partners Survey

Dear Community Partner:

Hagi Community Services for Independence has recently completed its last year of a five year plan. This plan was developed to give the organization its purpose and direction over the past five years.

During the last five years the organization’s annual plans were designed to meet three primary goals:

  • Being Leaders in the Community.
  • Building Awareness of Issues faced by Persons with Disabilities.
  • Utilizing Best Practices in Operations.

The five year plan also introduced an organizational mandate that gave purpose to the organization. The mandate “To improve the quality of life for persons with a disability” was followed in all of the planning and implementing of our organization’s programs.

The Board of Directors has started planning for the next few years. In keeping with our philosophy of consulting with our consumers and community partners into the future direction of the organization the Board of Directors wants to hear from you one of our community partners to get direction on what we should be considering for the next few years.

We would like to request your assistance by completing the attached questionnaire and returning it to us by May 15th 2009.   If you have any questions please contact Allan Buchan or Nancy Clapp at 807-343-0414.  Thank you for your assistance in helping us build for the future.


Hagi Community Services for Independence provides a range of services. From your perspective do you agree or disagree that we are fulfilling our mandate with the provision of the following services:
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