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Foundation for Independence was formed for the purpose of raising funds to assist children and adults with a disability. Over the past three years the organization has concentrated on getting the organization up and running, and have conducted fundraising events in partnership with Hagi. (Corporate Mail Out and TV Bingo) These events have helped raise the profile of the organization to the point that we are starting to get recognized in the community.

The current general strategies of the organization are to raise funds as outlined in the following strategies.

  • Planned Giving
  • Corporate Donations
  • Community Event Partnership
  • TV Bingo
  • Special Events

Planned Giving is an initiative that enables individuals who are setting up their wills to donate a portion of their estate to an organization. Currently the local Fundraisers association had indicated that they would plan a community awareness of planned giving. However we haven’t seen too much over the past year to indicate they have proceeded with this initiative.


Hagi Foundation

The Board has taken an active role in designing a program and will be launching something over the next few months.

Corporate Donations initiative was the Foundation’s first fundraising initiative. Hagi had started the campaign and have partnered with the Foundation over the past two years, to conduct a mail out of over 800 local businesses. The response rate has increased slightly each year to a high of approximately 3% return rate.

Community Event Partnership is a fundraising strategy that would see the Foundation partner with another community organization to run a specific event and the proceeds would be shared between each partner. Examples of this would be the Dragon Boat Races, Lakehead Rotary Auction etc.

TV Bingo, started five years ago, has been a very successful venture for the organization. Currently raising funds for Hagi’s Wilderness programs it has consistently raised over 80,000.00 a year. Partnering with Hagi the Foundation is advertised weekly after each bingo. This strategy is working well and can only get better.

Special Events is an initiative the Foundation takes on by itself to raise funds.

Over its first few years of development the goal of the Foundation is to get itself established and begin to raise funds for programs and services for individuals with a disability.

Once it has accumulated a reasonable surplus it will allocate funds based on the “General Principles of Allocation”. This principle is outlined below:

  1. Meets the objects of the Foundation for Independence.
  2. Serves a need by persons with disabilities in Thunder Bay and surrounding community.
  3. Meets the objectives of HAGI and/or HAGI Community Services for Independence.
  4. Builds a more inclusive community.
  5. Proposals must include detailed plan and budget.
  6. Proposals must include success measures that meet the approval of the Board of the Foundation for Independence.
  7. For projects over $X (to be determined), demonstrate that the Foundation for Independence is not the only funding option that has been explored.
  8. For projects under $X (to be determined), demonstrate that other funding sources have been explored and denied.
  9. Project must be completed within one-year of scheduled completion date or the application will have to be re-submitted, with risk of grant being returned to the Foundation for Independence.

The Foundation was created as the fundraising arm of Hagi/ Hagi Community Services for Independence. Who’s mandate is “to improve the quality of life for persons with a disability”.

This organization provides, a specialized transportation program, in home support services, affordable accessible housing and a unique barrier free resort on Lake Shebandowan.

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