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Rules & Regulations

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  1. Bingo must be a full-house (blackout).
  2. The game will stop when the first potential winner/winners have called in and their cards have been verified at phone number (807) 346-2620.
  3. The telecast will stop calling numbers when the first potential winner/winners has their card verified or all the balls have been called.
  4. A ball called is a ball played.
  5. a) A player shall be declared a winner of the game if they have covered all the numbers in the required arrangement. The holder of the card who has called the first verified bingo will be eligible for a share of the prize.  A player does not need to have the last number called in order to be declared a winner. Anyone who completes the pattern required shall be deemed a winner if their bingo is verified within 15 minutes from the end of the telecast.  The prize shall be evenly split between the winners.
    b)  Sharing of prizes will be equal among all verified bingos within 15 minutes from the end of the telecast. The game will officially be closed 15 minutes after the telecast, and no further verification of bingos will take place after that time.
  6. Prize money will be paid out once all winning cards are verified.
  7. Winning cards must be sent to HAGI offices by registered mail in order to claim prize. 
    1. Winning cards must be legible.
    2. Winning cards must be sent to the HAGI office (HAGI TV Bingo, 1201 Jasper Drive, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6R2) by registered mail.
    3. Winners will be announced during a future telecast.
    4. All players must be at least 18 years of age.