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Board of Directors

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HAGI Community Services for Independence:

  • Wayne Ficek - Presidnet
  • Linda McIntosh - Vice President
  • Allan Buchan - Treasurer
  • Lisa French - Secretary
  • Lynne Mychalyshyn
  • Thadeus Weiss
  • Nancy Clapp
  • Allan Bedard/Donna McKelvie (Shared Position)
  • Mary Vahovick
  • Darren Lillington

Handicapped Action Group Inc.

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  • Thadeus Weiss - President
  • Morgan Austin - Vice President
  • Allan Buchan - Treasurer
  • Nancy Clapp - Secretary
  • Robert Kilgour
  • Dorothy Faulconer
  • Jay Eingold
  • Dave Koivisto
  • Garry Cooper

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